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Rock wool board
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Rock wool board

This product has a high strength and good elasticity, with a certain resistance to pressure, through pleated wool board processing has greater drawing strength, not from the floor, greatly improved durability.
Product advantages:
1.High quality superfine, low shot content,low thermal conductivity;
2.The volume-weight density range large(40kg-200kg/m3),standard ranges broad,all indexes are reaching or over the national standard;
3.It is widely used for building,petroleum,electricity,metallurgy,spinning,national defense,traffic transportation and other industries, which is the first choice of external wall thermal insulation and the ideal thermal insulation and sound absorption material of pipeline basin,flue,heat exchanger, draught fan,automobile and shipping and other industrial equipment.
4.As the large scale of production, leading technology,it is very popular on domestic market,especially the large major project,it is sole abroad for dozen of countries and regions.
Widely used in the insulation of chemical factory, large-scale kiln, the exterior wall of construction, roofing, curtain wall, and isolation belt.
Special specifications according to requirement.