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Glass wool board
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Glass wool board

This product is made by adding phenolic resin adhesive into glass wool panel and solidified to panel materials under high pressure and temperature.PVC sheet material and aluminum foil are able to be stick on the surface.It has the properties of light Volume Weight, excellent insulation and sound absorption effect, fireproof and nice chemical stability.
Widely used for the heat insulation and sound absorption in building roofs, movie theatre, TV Station, Broadcasting & Radio,testing laboratory, sound absorption setting ,cooling air conditioning pipes and insulating heat in cold storage and warehouse.
Density:24-300kg/m3(As per customer’s requirement)
Fiber Diameter:<8μm
Conductivity Coefficient:0.038w/m.k(It depends on thickness)
Satety Temperature for use:-120℃~400℃
Specification(mm):1200*1200*20-80  1200*600*20-80